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Frequently Asked Questions

Gift registry is essentially a wishlist that facilitates communication of your desired presents to your guests. It’s an increasingly popular tool that divorces anxiety from a gift seeking process, ensuring that you get what you truly want and need. Our online service helps you assemble your desired presents on a single list, which then you’ll be able to distribute amongst your guests. As the recipients complete the easy purchase steps, we mail your treasures directly you.

Gift registry can be used on any milestone, including a birth of a baby, a wedding, a birthday and other special occasions. Our online service is here to organise, polish and facilitate. 

First, register your gift list online for free. Upon registration, you’ll be appointed with a personal gift assistant who will guide you every step of the way and answer all of your queries. You can start to add gifts immediately, moving on to select an event type and date. To make your list personal, include a welcome message as a final step.

First, set up your personal account before you move on to creating your gift registry. To set up an account, input your name, the name of your partner (for a wedding registry), your address, email, telephone number and the event date. Upon clicking register account button, you agree to keep your Sense Creators account username and password confidential at all times. You are responsible for all activities related to your Sense Creators account.

Once your gift registry account is set up, you’ll be appointed with a personal gift assistant to help you with all queries via email or phone.

You have accepted our terms and conditions when you finalize registering your account with us. This is the point where a contract is formed between us and you.

  • You can proceed to compile your gift list straight after registering an account with us. The list can include merchandise from our “branded product” range, or custom items from other stores.
  • You share your personal URL with your guests.
  • Once your guests access the URL, they buy you gifts via our online gift registry platform.
  • Once the order is placed on your gift of choice, we make sure to deliver it to you as soon as possible.
  • Since some of our products require longer lead times, we will deliver such items within a 2-4 week period following your event date.
  • Except for the delivery charges, our service is completely free.
  • You can manage your gift list online or with the help of your gift assistant.

Absolutely. Just get in touch with your gift assistant once you have created your first gift registry.

No, it is absolutely free.

You can always select the items straight from our website, but we recommend visiting our partners’ showrooms for gaining hands-on, realistic perspective on chosen products, as well as for exploring a wider spectrum of available options.

We recommend that you don’t limit yourself, or your guests with your selection. It’s best to have a rich variety of items at different price points so that nobody runs out of choice. The number of items should exceed the number of guests.

Once your registration is complete, you can simply add selected gifts from our website to your list by clicking “ADD TO GIFT REGISTRY” button near the product icon. If you choose the items whilst visiting our showroom, just snap the picture of selected item with your phone and send it straight to your gift assistant, who’ll make sure that the item quickly appears on your gift list.

Absolutely, you create it straight from your account. It is the information you use in the Title section of your Gift Registry.

We do not keep stock of merchandise, but we do order items straight to our warehouse once the order is made by your guest. Our current quote allows us 2 weeks from the event date to deliver you gifts from our warehouse, although most items arrive in a shorter timeframe. Since some of our partner retailers may have to make to order, or be based abroad, lead times may be longer. The delivery can be split into regular and longer timeframes, regular timeframe allowing for a maximum 2 weeks and the longer one granting extended intervals.  

The items will be delivered to the address you’ve provided in your gift registry account.

Toggle There is a fixed delivery cost gauged after your gift registry setup.

We’re happy to help. When your gifts arrive to our warehouse, we provide you with shipping costs and offer to either ship items to your address via our nominated freight forwarder, or deliver them to a freight company of your choice. You’ll have to pay for local duties and VAT upon import and our carrier will contract you for payment.

When you’re done compiling the list, simply distribute your unique URL among your guests. Another option is to use our complimentary insert cards that can be slipped into your invitations.  

Your guests can either buy an item straight from our website or contact your gift assistant, who’ll be happy to guide them through the list. We make sure that the entire process is smooth, stress free and enjoyable for your guests and that they’re happy with their choice.

The gifts are not reserved at our partners’ showrooms while they appear on your gift registry. Some custom gifts are excluded from this rule— please refer to our gift assistant for more info. In an event of your guest purchasing an out-of-stock item, we grant you a 3-month credit to choose another gift from our partner retailers.

Anytime, but we advise to leave your gift list open post event. Your gift list will automatically shut down after 3 months from your event date.

We do not return unwanted gifts after they’ve been purchased, unless the item in question is damaged or faulty, or different from its publicized depiction.

Whilst we do our best to avoid such cases, upon the receival of items in damaged or faulty conditions, please make sure to contact us within 3 days of receipt and include the following information

  • Your full name
  • Your registered address appearing on your gift list
  • Photos and descriptions of the damaged or faulty item.
  • We will get back to you with further steps as soon as possible.

We only accept local card payments at this point, but we will add other payment options shortly. For the time being, please refer to your gift assistant, who’ll help your guests pay for gifts in cash or through bank transfer.

If we haven’t answered all of your questions, do not hesitate to send us a message in the contact form, or send a direct email to