About Us

At sensecreators we appreciate creativity in all its modern and traditional forms and manifestations. We believe that material things are not important, however, the beauty and care that is put into the making process is extraordinary.

We neither watch nor follow trends, as we pick what we love and think you might love, too.

As relationships are important to us, our shop is inspired by the generous Georgian tradition of present sharing, where gifts are exchanged heartily, readily and even on the smallest occasions. 

For the first time in Georgia, we offer an innovative gift registry service. Whether for your wedding day, baby shower or any other special occasion – we are here to organise, polish and facilitate your needs. 

In our shop we have a carefully curated collection of items, that ranges from home goods to lush houseplants, kitchenware, vintage collectables and other random useful things you didn’t even know you needed. As appreciators of quality and authenticity, we prize indie brands, original artworks and handicrafts, working with small local enterprises alongside international ones.